Style and substance for care settings

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Style and functionality are the cornerstones of good design. These principles are embedded into the creative design team here at Knightsbridge, to ensure we continue to create stand-out pieces that are built for purpose.


Every piece crafted in our workshop is designed with its purpose in mind, which ensures that whatever the style, functionality and performance are never compromised. This approach is incredibly important when designing for healthcare and care settings.  Commercial furniture collections need to be produced sensitively to suit the environments and the end users they are intended to serve. Here are just a few of the many key functional aspects we at Knightsbridge design into all our healthcare collections:


A seat for everyone

We design many of our healthcare pieces with a removable and variable seat depth cushion, which allows every chair to provide a comfortable seat irrespective of the size, posture or needs of the user. All our full ranges are available in a number of widths and seat heights to further enhance this feature. We believe this provides the specifier with many options which are essential when catering for multiple needs in varying environments.


Height adjusters & housekeeping wheels

To further aid users of different heights and postures, our chairs designed for healthcare usually feature a height adjuster, providing four increments of 25mm. In addition to this, adding the castor wheel option to our pieces aid housekeeping and support staff in line with manual handling guidelines.


Easy grip arms to aid rising

It may sound like a simple design feature but it can be one that is easily missed. Within a healthcare setting it is important that all ages and abilities of users are accounted for. For example, some people require extra support when standing, so a chair arm that is robust and easy to grip is important when sitting down in a chair or standing up from a seated position.


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