Colour trends taking centre stage in 2021

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As we come to the end of another year, we’re always on the lookout for new trends and colours to influence our furniture designs. Here at Knightsbridge, our mission is to create pieces that not only work seamlessly in the environment they’re placed in but to craft furniture that also looks fantastic. Here are the key colour trends to watch out for in 2021.


Restorative neutrals

Next year we will be seeing a move to nurturing colours and shapes, led by the idea of unplugging from our digitally saturated environments and being more present in the moment. The trend looks to rounded forms and soft objects that blend décor and furniture. We are currently working on a few furniture designs behind the scenes that work within this theme, experimenting with rounded, fluid shapes to offer a soft and calming feel to an interior. We would also expect upholstery fabrics to be specified in neutral or pastel tones as the trend catches on with interior designers.


Serene green

Greens will really have their moment in 2021. In keeping with the neutrals trend, this colour is synonymous with nature and calming qualities, which could explain its appeal as people continue to live busy, full and at times chaotic lives. Green has always been a popular colour choice for our upholstered chairs but is often specified in a bright hue. Perhaps we will see a move to a softer, more mossy green as 2021 gets underway.


Warming reds and mulberry tones

When times are uncertain, we often crave warm, inviting tones to enrich our interior spaces. Moving away from cooler colours such as grey and navy, we are likely to see reds and plums appear in the colour palettes of interior designers and architects. Here at Knightsbridge, we have hundreds of fabric, vinyl and leather options available for all our chairs and sofas. We regularly update our swatch book to stay on top of the latest colour trends and specifications from our interior design network.


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