2020 a round-up of the year

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2020 has to be one of the most challenging years of recent times. Although the world has seen unprecedented change over the last 12 months, we have also seen countries and businesses come together, innovation prevail, and new ways of working become the norm.


As a supplier working in the care and healthcare sector, we have been privileged to continue to support these important industries throughout the pandemic. Our furniture collections for these settings have been designed to uphold the strictest hygiene levels, and because of this, our ranges have really come into their own this year.


For example, Knightsbridge chairs that include welded seams reduce the risk of harbouring bacteria and have been important in helping to lessen the spread of coronavirus. Standard features on our pieces such as hygiene gaps to prevent the trapping of dirt, and fabrics that are waterproof and easy to clean have also become important features throughout 2020, as cleanliness and sanitised environments remains high on the agenda.


As well as supporting care and healthcare industries in the here and now, we are also looking forward to the future as we see a glimmer of hope with news of the Covid–19 vaccine. The nation watched as Margaret Kennan received the first Covid–19 vaccine, sat comfortably in our York Recliner, marking a big step that offers encouragement to families across the country.


Not only that, we are also looking at the design trends we expect to appear in 2021. We’ve previously written about the colours set to take centre stage in 2021, and are working hard to ensure our furniture reflects upcoming design themes. This is a commitment we uphold to ensure we create furniture that is functional and stylish.

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