Top tips for furnishing a care home

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Moving into a care home can be a daunting experience, so creating a homely, welcoming environment is important to help residents settle in as quickly as possible. Here we discuss some key factors that can help make the transition into an assisted living facility easier.


Over the years, research has highlighted the importance of colour and the impact that it can have on people’s wellbeing. It has been proven to affect a range of moods and spark emotions, helping with cognitive rehabilitation and even influencing appetites and metabolisms. Opting for neutral tones can help residents not feel overwhelmed by any bright colours in the room, and also allows for them to add their own touch with throws or blankets they’ve brought with them that may make them feel more at home. When it comes to decorating, pastel colours can work well so that furniture and doorways can be brighter and easy to spot for patients who have vision impairments.


Some residents of care homes may have limited mobility, dementia or poor eyesight so it is paramount that their safety is considered when designing and furnishing care homes. Furniture that can moved or lifted easily should be avoided, if possible, to create a safer environment for residents, staff, and visitors. Knightsbridge offers a range of fitted anti ligature furniture for both lounge and bedroom areas. All our fitted furniture is designed and built specifically to suit the needs of the patients, ensuring that the finished product works towards providing the best possible environment for residents of a care home.

Furniture to make a difference

For patients with cognitive impairments, including dementia, considering the environment of care homes and the furniture that residents interact with can make a huge difference, allowing residents to keep some of their independence. Our Ascot dining table features radiused edges, which is an ideal choice for residents who may have visual or cognitive impairments, ensuring that they can recognise where the edges of furniture pieces are and avoid injuries or accidents. For dining rooms in general, our Canto Range can be upholstered is easy to clean with fully wipeable surfaces, so any spillages or accidents can be easily cleared with minimal disruption.

Comfort is key

While taking into account that all items within a care home need to be functional and chosen specifically to meet the differing needs of the individuals living there, it’s also important that they are comfortable. Creating spaces with soft furnishings where residents can truly relax and feel cosy, cared for and warm can massively impact their mood and help influence the atmosphere within the home. A calming environment can really help caregivers build more productive relationships with the residents.  This in turn can yield more positive responses to therapy and improve their living environment.  Our Caravella armchair is not only comfortable but can bring a burst of colour to any room; this chair is sure to boost anyone’s mood!

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