Creating communal spaces in healthcare environments

Posted On: December 13, 2021 Categorised in:

In most healthcare environments, treatments go much deeper than just medicines. The environment in which patients spend time together is extremely important to consider when creating communal spaces, giving patients an opportunity to relax and socialise with friends and family.

At Knightsbridge, we believe that furniture can influence moods and responses to treatment. Historically, healthcare environments have appeared cold, hostile and uninviting places, so it is important to create warm, welcoming spaces that invites guests in to ease into the environment.

Our Millie Easy Club chair is a delightfully homey addition, with comfy cushioning and in a vibrant berry colour, it would be hard not to be drawn in by this! The entire Millie range can be used to create breakout areas in which patients can relax with a book or catchup with a friend, all of which can help with their mental wellbeing.

The GOGO range, designed exclusively for Knightsbridge, features a gorgeous, classical wooden finish, available in a range of colours. The GOGO circular coffee table is perfect for breakout areas, helping to create smaller, more intimate zones for patients who want to relax.

To move as far away from the clinical feel of healthcare environments, our Climb Modular Seating provides a fun way to incorporate colour and different textures whilst also providing a place to sit and relax. These pieces can be separated and moved around to perfectly suit the space and layout of the room.

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