Knightsbridge Furniture chosen to furnish new wellbeing facility in Cramlington

Posted On: January 27, 2022 Categorised in:

With an array of designs, styles, colours and fabrics, there are so many furniture options to choose from for any setting. At Knightsbridge, we divide our collections to make it easy for customers to browse the products, based on the function of the room.

This is something that the team at the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital required when it came to furnishing a number of spaces within the building, each with a different purpose including meeting rooms, dining areas, waiting rooms and more.

The Cramlington-based hospital needed a selection of comfortable, yet practical pieces that matched the integrity of the centre. The Knightsbridge team was able to specify which collections would be most suitable for the locations inside, as well as suggesting the ideal fabrics and colour tones to create an inviting look and feel that will be easy to clean and resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Involving the Staff in this decision was key for the Trust.  Feedback was encouraged in the preliminary stages to ensure the people interacting with these pieces daily, agreed that the colours, materials and designs were the right fit for them.

To meet the requirements, Knightsbridge supplied Alfie tables and Bebop modular ranges, as well as the Vienna club chairs and settees. An ideal selection for a multi-purpose, fast pace environment. The whole space has been designed to provide NHS staff with a relaxation area and accessible and practical workspaces away from the clinical areas. With the pandemic making many NHS environments feel empty, clinical and uninviting for infection control, the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital team wanted to find a balance between functionality and style, with a welcoming touch to help people relax and feel comfortable in their care.

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