It’s all in the details 

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With a number of different areas within challenging environments, there is so much to take into account when choosing and designing furniture. There’s a number of specialist features which are included within healthcare pieces which help minimise difficulties and hurdles that can present themselves with residents of these environments. 

Seamless furniture

Creating furniture without seams or gaps is key to preventing patients and residents from being able to stash or conceal contraband, food, medications etc in places where it shouldn’t be. It’s also ideal for infection control as they’re easy to clean and have less areas where germs and viruses can breed and multiply. This makes them ideal for a number of healthcare and challenging environments, as well as care homes. 

Comfort is key 

A high backed chair with lots of cushioning makes a comfortable and practical choice for care homes and waiting areas. They provide additional spine support for residents who will be sat for long periods of time. Choosing adjustable chairs can give residents more independence too, so they’re able to easily get up from the chair unassisted, there are adjustable and reclinable sofas too for ultimate comfort. 

Structural strength

Reinforced framework can help prolong the life of a piece of furniture. Building pieces to be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life is at the heart of what we do to ensure your products stand the test of time. This is more important than ever when it comes to challenging environments where furniture may be damaged. 

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