Identifying recliners for care and healthcare environments

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Identifying recliners for care and healthcare environments can be a difficult choice, especially when deciding between a variety of models and movements available. Models from the Knightsbridge recliner collection cater to a range of patient needs and include six movement types:


A manual push on the back of the recliner will provide a simultaneous footrest and back movement.

 Single Motor

The angle of the seat and back mechanism is fixed meaning it doesn’t change when reclining. The seat will tilt with the back as the footrest extends allowing the user to have full support avoiding shearing of the hips and back.

Tilt In Space

To independently adjust the position of the backrest by tilting the backrest forwards and backwards, choose the tilt in space mechanism. This movement type will also allow you to adjust the leg rest at the same time. It will rise to aid standing once the leg rest is all the way down. 

Dual Motor

Take control of the exact movement of the angle of the recline with the Dual mechanism which has two motors that will drive the back and footrest and still bring the chair to a near standing position. Each control is independent of each other, so the user can achieve a comfortable position. 

4 Motor System

The 4 Motor system mechanism is designed to handle weights of up to 70 stone and severe fluid retention. The seat has two individual motors which synchronise to control the recline movement and ensure the user is comfortable and safe.


To move the foot and backrest independently, the Trendelenberg action is best. It allows the user to lay flat in the supine position.

Available in a variety of fabrics, vinyls and two-tone options, Knightsbridge recliners are designed so you can pick the most appropriate performance material for your environment.

We offer a sample delivery service, so you can choose and evaluate the models you need over a three-week period, delivered straight to you. Selecting the right recliner for your needs can be challenging, but we make it easier by allowing you to choose up to 20 models to be delivered to your premises for evaluation.

To learn more about our recliner range or to arrange a sample evaluation, contact our team today on +44(0)1274 731900 or email

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