How to meet the needs of challenging environments

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When looking to invest in furniture ranges for healthcare settings, there are a lot of options and many different elements to consider. You need to ensure the pieces fit the requirements of the end user without posing any risks, it’s imperative that all items specified for patients’ rooms are safe and secure while providing a comforting and homely feel where possible. 

Neat and tidy! 

Making sure there is lots of storage space within wards means it’s much less likely that there will be trip hazards or items left out. Tidying and putting things away can help residents feel organised and give them productive tasks that are rewarding too. Knightsbridge’s fitted lounge furniture is available in a range of sizes with different storage options such as drawers, cubby holes, cupboards and more to suit whatever requirements are needed. 

Seamless furniture 

To prevent anything being hidden and minimise the spread of infection and germs, seamless furniture is ideal. It’s easy to clean with no visible stitching or crevices, and also means items can’t be placed down the back of cushions or within the structure of the furniture. This can be beneficial in challenging environments where contraband and medication needs to be controlled. 

Weighted pieces 

For more demanding wards with lots of patients, weighted furniture can prevent the pieces from being moved around or picked up. This can give peace of mind to residents and staff that they’re safe as no larger items are mobile so in distressing situations, they cannot be used as barricades or weapons. Most of the Knightsbride challenging environments furniture can be created with additional weight to cater to these needs.  

Comfort is key 

Staying away from home can be scary and daunting, so it’s important to take into consideration that all spaces should be comfortable. The addition of bean bags or foam seating can provide a soft furnishing that feels more cosy and less clinical than other pieces recommended for inclusion within these spaces. 


To find out more about how we can help with any challenging environments, get in touch! 

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