Bespoke design features for mental health furniture

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When selecting furniture for challenging environments it is important to consider a range of furniture features that allow residents, staff and visitors to feel comfortable and safe. We have created a list of bespoke design features for mental health furniture that we consider when working on mental health furniture projects.

Weighted furniture
Weighted furniture provides peace of mind to residents and staff in challenging environments, as it prevents residents from moving and/or picking up items so they cannot be used as barricades or weapons.

Reinforced frame
A strong and sturdy frame is key to reliability and safeguards professionals and residents. Knightsbridge develops furniture that can withstand outbursts from users with reinforced frames.

Colours and design
When choosing colours to suit a mental health environment, it is important to consider that busy colours designs could be triggering for some residents. We suggest selecting furniture that is stylish yet simple in colour and design to minimise the impact of potential discomfort.

Mental health environments must provide maximum safety and minimal risk. Part of this includes eliminating any ligature danger, ensuring residents can’t inflict harm to themselves or anyone else.

For residents who suffer from sensory disorders, such as ADHD and autism, sensory furniture can be a huge benefit. Sensory items allow residents to unwind, relax and remain calm. Furniture such as sensory chairs and bean bags like our Glyss Foam Rocking Chair can help to provide comfort to those suffering with mental health issues or sensory disorders.

No visible staples/gaps
Often, furniture is designed with visible seams, staples or gaps, but in a mental health environment, these features need to be minimal. Some residents may see gaps and seams as an opportunity to hide contraband, weapons or medication, putting themselves and or staff at risk.

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