Introducing… Charlie Fowler

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Knightsbridge Furniture has collaborated with award-winning British furniture designer, Charlie Fowler, to design and create the new range, Buzz.

Designed to stand-out and move away from the traditional furniture archetypes – Buzz has been created with an alternative twist.

Charlie’s interest in Knightsbridge was sparked by the innovative furniture pieces created within the factory in Bradford where all the pieces are made in England from the woodwork frames through to upholstery. This admiration was the catalyst for Charlie’s desire to work with the company and after liaising with the Director of Design and Development, the pair knew their passion for design and style was well matched to form a collaborative.

Working with Knightsbridge’s strengths, Charlie aimed to bring something new and a little different to the market with his proposal for this collection. Taking advantage of Knightsbridge’s impressive woodworking processes, the Sherwood legs and arms were specifically designed with end users in mind. Charlie was keen for the woodwork to stand-out from the chair as you approach it, so the legs overlap the seat. This design also allows users to feel the wood, whereas in traditional tub chair designs, apart from the legs, the wood is often hidden inside the frame.

Buzz is a clean, simple and modern collection that was created with innovative design and quality at the forefront. The stylish shape of the Buzz range is ideal for hospitality, workplace and corporate environments.

The range features both upholstered seating and a table as part of the collection which is ideal for lounges, receptions, waiting areas and meeting rooms which can be beautifully complemented with coordinating lamp tables.

Charlie recalls the collaboration with Knightsbridge and working with Jason as a ‘great working relationship’ due to their shared love for music, which was discussed just as much as furniture designs.

Charlie, along with Knightsbridge is pleased to announce that the entire collection is now available to purchase.

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