What does the future hold for remote working?

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In March 2020, many people received notification that working from home would be the new norm for the workplace and schools. Everyone had to adapt to a new way of working, which meant for some, investing in home office furniture to create a suitable working environment. Now that the world is slowly but surely returning to how things were before COVID struck, what does this mean for remote working? 

A lot of the general public report higher levels of productivity when working remotely, but a number of companies are opting for a more flexible approach, combining working from home with the option of working from the office too.

Working from home highlights a number of different points, including mental health. A large number of office workers reported feeling isolated when working from home, or that the work life balance was much harder to manage when working in their living spaces. This has resulted in companies looking to create more relaxing, comfortable and flexible working spaces within their offices, to appeal to workers who appreciate the option of working from home, but still require a change or scenery or time away from home to focus on work or host meetings.

When looking to create a productive communal workspace, you must consider comfort, creativity, lighting and functionality. All these things combined can work towards a relaxed, yet rewarding area that employees can use to get work done efficiently.

Blues, red and greens are all proven to boost productivity, and it has also been shown that different seating and environments can help people get into different mindsets to complete certain tasks more efficiently.

Overall, the work / home life balance varies from person to person, but ensuring as a business that there are workspaces and meeting areas to visit and encourage productivity and team communication is key. Knightsbridge is proud to manufacture a range of versatile, durable and comfortable office furniture that perfectly suits fast-pace business environments.

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