Knightsbridge’s unique upholstery services

Posted On: June 23, 2023 Categorised in:

As a manufacturer of furniture for environments that experience a high level of footfall, we know it’s not always easy to keep your pieces looking in tip top condition. Wear and tear can quickly take its toll, and while all our furniture is made to be durable, the fabrics and soft furnishings are sometimes subject to abuse and accidental damage.   

With this in mind, we offer a unique reupholstery and refurbishment service.  Our dedicated team can arrange for collection, assessment, quote, undertake the work and arrange delivery and invoicing.  We are well aware that it’s not always possible to replace all the furniture in a facility so refurbishment can be a cost effective route to upgrading a look or help your areas look more cohesive.  It also reduces your environmental impact.

Our services range from a small tear repair on your upholstery to completely new interior foams and colour change fabric.  We can also offer colour changes on timber show-wood frames and feet.  This is an incredible support service to back up our 10 year manufacturing warranty and it proves our commitment to forge long term relationships with our clients.  

We are so confident in the skilled team we have at Knightsbridge, that we also recover and refurbish furniture from other companies as well.  This gives you a tremendous amount of scope to use this facility.

Our sales team is always on hand to discuss new or ongoing requirements you may have.

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