Redesigning the Interior of Hospitals for the Future

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In 2023, the Government announced their plans to build 40 new hospitals across the UK as well as put investments into the redevelopment of 5 major hospitals that would all be completed by 2030. After an overwhelming and turbulent few years, the NHS is overcapacity and needs help to meet demands, hence this £20 billion project which is also known as the New Hospitals Programme

The design process behind these new hospitals focuses on creating an environment that will speed-up the recovery process, as well as give staff a positive space to work in. The collections designed by Knightsbridge Furniture are designed with this in mind, and both existing and future collections will reflect a feeling of positivity and reassurance. 

Ranges that make waiting rooms more comfortable and adaptable, as well as bold coloured furniture, will take away the unhomely feel of hospital wards. Knightsbridge Furniture designs pieces with this in mind, finding the ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality. 

How does Knightsbridge fit into this?

Simple yet sleek designs that promote a safe and practical space, ranges such as Malham can help both patients and family to relax with comfort. Available in a wide-range of colours, hospitals are able to choose whether they stimulate a more upbeat atmosphere with a bright hue, or keep stress to a minimum with blue tones when it comes to different wards and waiting rooms. 

Keeping on top of trends within the interior design industry and introducing these into the spaces of these new hospitals will help improve patient experiences as well as eliminate that healthcare feel that many try to avoid. 

Looking across the waters

Crafting furniture that gives hospitals that homely feel as well as help with infection control and durability requirements will be essential to the New Hospitals Programme. Currently leading this movement is the Gødstrup Hospital in Denmark. After Nordic Architecture won the design proposal in 2011, the hospital, with its contemporary blueprint, was opened in 2022 and has since received good feedback and positive outcomes from their patients.

UK hospitals are still to follow in the footsteps of these European Hospitals, however the New Hospitals Programme will encourage more progressive designs that will offer the newest technologies and treatments to patients. Knightsbridge Furniture is here to support the programme and provide interior furnishings that match the innovation of hospital care.

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