InFinite Beam Seating

Featuring a contemporary design to suit modern environments, the InFinite range of beam seating can be easily tailored to meet specific needs and requirements of individual foyers, waiting areas and reception spaces. Suitable for healthcare environments, the design of the beam allows for easy cleaning and is available in a wide range of anti-microbial vinyls.

To enable you to create a beam to suit your needs, InFinite is available with a variety of arm positions, tables at any point along the beam, PRM logos and either free standing or floor fixed.

InFinite is available in the following standard sizes:

InFinite 3 Seat Beam Armed          INFINITE3A

InFinite 3 Seat Beam Armless      INFINITE3B

InFinite 3 Seat Beam End Arms    INFINITE3C

InFinite 4 Seat Beam Armed          INFINITE4A

InFinite 4 Seat Beam Armless      INFINITE4B

InFinite 4 Seat Beam End Arms    INFINITE4C

InFinite 5 Seat Beam Armed          INFINITE5A

InFinite 5 Seat Beam Armless      INFINITE5B

InFinite 5 Seat Beam End Arms    INFINITE5C

InFinite 7 Seat Beam Armed          INFINITE7A

InFinite 7 Seat Beam Armless       INFINITE7B

InFinite 7 Seat Beam End Arms    INFINITE7C

InFinite 10 Seat Beam Armed        INFINITE10A

InFinite 10 Seat Beam Armless      INFINITE10B

InFinite 10 Seat Beam End Arms   INFINITE10C


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Floor Fixed or Freestanding Beams


Black PU Seat and Back, Upholstered Seat and Back